Careers Corner

Careers Corner is a series of blogs created by Elisha Carey where she dicusses and tries to tackle the diffculties of getting your perfect career and also how to identify the resources available to you to help you along your career development journey. 

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Elisha Carey is the Features Editor of the University Express for the academic year 2020/21. Before becoming involved in student media, Elisha worked as student help for UCC Career Services, assisting with career fairs, presentations and campaigns. She was surprised to learn, through this experience, that there were a number of UCC students who had never engaged with the UCC Career Services or even heard of it before. This inspired her to introduce a new section into the paper this past Autumn; ‘Careers Corner.’ The section ran fortnightly for the entire academic year with contributions from current UCC students, alumni, career consultants and graduate recruiters. The aim of the section was to provide real-life insight into work placement, internships and other career opportunities that the students will embark on, as well as raising awareness of the Career Services in UCC.