What career would suit me?

Develop and Grow

Your degree is just one side of the coin. Your time at UCC is an opportunity to develop Graduate Attributes that equip you with personal, professional and life skills.


Engage in college life - You belong in UCC

Getting fully involved in campus life and all it has to offer, helps you to grow and develop new skills which increase your employability and readiness for the professional world of work. The experiences you gain can help to guide your future career. 

Make friends, develop and build networks

It is important to develop networks while you are in University getting involved in clubs, sociieties and campus initiatives. From your network, you can gain understanding of different career sectors, be afoot of upcoming opportunities and develop the social skills you will need to successfully launch your career. 

  • Join at least one club or society, and get involved in their activities
  • Have an impressive online presence

  • Participate in an Internship or Voluntary Organisation- Register for the UCC Works Programme 

"Know thyself” Learn about yourself

  • Take a Career profiling assessments
  • Talk to a Careers Advisor (as a current UCC student you can book an appointment online, graduates can book an appointment for up to one year after graduation. 

Know your Career Options

Use our online psychometric questionnaires to enhance your self-awareness and will help you to plan your career and make good career decisions.

Learn more about Profiling for Success

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Self-assessment Questionnaire (SAQ): It is my journey through life: am I in the driving seat?

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MY DECISION-MAKING STYLE- This is an informal survey to look at one’s approach to making decisions. There are no right or wrong answers!

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