Volunteering & Community Engagement

To receive an award through the Volunteering Pathway a student must complete a period of unpaid volunteering in an on or off-campus organisation.

  • This organisation must be an approved UCC EmployAgility Award organisation.  
  • Some organisations are already approved.  
  • If the organisation is not already an approved organisation, they must complete the Expression of Interest for Volunteering Organisations to become an accredited UCC EmployAgility Award volunteering organisation.  Once the form is received, the UCC EmployAgility Award coordinators will review the application and will contact the organisation to approve or reject their application.
  • Once you have secured your volunteering opportunity, enroll in the UCC EmployAgility Awards Canvas space
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Some volunteering positions require Garda vetting which can take up to ten weeks.

What's next?

  1. Once you have found a volunteering opportunity and have enrolled in the EmployAgility Canvas space, you can start logging your hours. 
  2. Download and complete your EmployAgility Awards Hours Log as you dedicate hours to your internship
  3. Dedicate 30 hours to your chosen activity and log your hours (if you are short up to 10 hours, please complete the Canvas Modules in their entirety.)

    Semester 2: Your Submissions: 

    1. Record your hours and note your development on the Hours Log excel sheet.
    2. Update your CV and gain a score of 70% on CareerSet.
    3. Complete and submit your Reflective Report

Update and submit your CV, including details of the initiative you participated in and the skills you developed. There is content available on the Canvas space to support you in updating your CV. You can also use our CareerSet AI-based CV review tool before you submit.

Please check the UCC EmployAgility Awards Facebook Instagram and Twitter and for updates. The awards ceremony will take place in April. 

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