Volunteering & Community Engagement

To receive an award through the Volunteering Pathway a student must complete a period of unpaid volunteering  in an on or off campus organisation.

  • This organisation must be an approved UCC Works organisation.  
  • Some organisations are already approved.  
  • If the organisation is not already an approved organisation, they must fill in the Expression of Interest for Volunteering Organisations (15kB) to become an accredited UCC Works volunteering organisation.  Once the form is received, the UCC Works Committee will meet and review the application and will contact the organisation to approve or reject their application.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Some volunteering positions require Garda vetting which can take up to ten weeks.
  • Regsiter for the Volunteering & Community Engagement Pathway now

Students participating in the UCC Works Volunteering Pathway are required to dedicated a minimum of forty hours of their time to the organisation. Upon completeing the 40 hours, students are required to complete a UCC Works Reflective Report and update their CV.   

The Reflective Reports must be submitted to uccworks@ucc.ie.  You must submit your Reflective Report in mid-March 2021. Please check the UCC Works Facebook Instagram and Twitter and for updates. The awards ceremony will take place in April. 

You can find voluntary positions on our dedicated Volunteering database. Search for a position of interest, register for UCC Works, track your hours and receive your UCC Works Award and digital badge!

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Volunteering Database

Volunteer opportunities in Cork were highlighted at our annual Volunteering Fair: 


How to keep track of your UCC Works hours and register:

To keep track of the hours that you are volunteering, you can now track your hours online :

1)      Login to www.studentvolunteer.ie/ucc

2)      Click REGISTER  (this just registers you on the computer system)

3)      Sign up and fill out the form and make up your own password

4)      This will allow you into your own unique dashboard.

5)      In the “Opportunities” section, select “View More” and register there for the UCC Works Award Volunteering Pathway

6)      The next screen will say “nearly there”… this is where you enter a note as to why you are applying. 

  Please enter “I am a member of the XXX organisation/society "

7)      Your registration will be pending there, until it is approved.

8)      Once approved, you can now begin to log your hours.  You can manage and track everything from here.


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