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Deadline: Midnight, Monday 6th March 2023


Open Pathway

An Open Pathway award is given for combined participation in other pathways or for an activity that is voluntary, promotes the development of employability skills, and does not sit under any of the other pathways. 

For example, if you are a postgraduate student who dedicates time to arranging academic conferences, you could apply for the Open Pathway and be awarded for your contribution and dedication. 

Combined participation: If you give 20  hours of your time to a range of activities that fit under other pathways, you can apply for the Open Pathway Award. For example, if you dedicated 15 hours to volunteering, 5 hours to your club or society  you can be awarded through the Open Pathways. 

What next?

  1. Record your hours and note your development on the Hours Log excel sheet
  2. Update your CV with details of your activity and gain a score of 70% on CareerSet
  3. Complete and submit your Reflective Report by midnight, Tuesday 28th February. 
    1. You must upload your Hours Log and CV to your Reflective Report. 
    2. Our team willl confirm with your activity provider that you have dedicated a minimum of 20 hours to the activity. Provide contact details for your activity providers so we can confirm your hours with them. 

The Reflective Report: 

  • Provide your contact details, student number, course details and select the award pathway you are applying for. 
  • Ensure you update your CV before submission. Find some helpful tips and hints here
  • Select four of the ten attributes and values you developed throughout the experience and feed back on how you developed them in the relevant text boxes. You can learn more about UCC's graduate attributes and values here
  • Find a sample reflective report here.
  • Note: If you are applying for more than one award through multiple pathways, you will need to submit a reflective report for each pathway. 

Please check the UCC EmployAgility Awards Facebook Instagram and Twitter and for updates. The awards ceremony will take place in April. 


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