Your Compass

Self-assess and identify your attributes, values and personal goals.

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Developing your Attributes and Values

They help develop and shape your whole student experience - developing a strong set of graduate attributes and values will help you in being more successful in your career, in your studies and research, and in your contribution to community and society.

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Committee and Meeting Training for students and staff

Be empowered to participate with confidence

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What exactly do our Graduate Attributes mean?


Each individual student at UCC joins our community and campuses from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. While studying at UCC we want students to broaden their horizons and to develop their current skills, attributes and values and learn new ones, not only to help with their learning and development but to help with future careers and support their role within society.

Our Graduate Attributes have been created to allow each college, school and discipline to adopt them and embed them explicitly into the curriculum, and for each Student Experience Unit to encompass and embed within extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. 

We want our UCC graduates to be recognised as well-rounded, curious, self-aware individuals who continually learn new skills, are open to new ideas, and make things happen. As a UCC student, you belong to a dynamic and diverse community where many, many people wish to support you on your learning journey. Here at UCC, we liken this journey to the growth of an acorn to an oak tree. The “Acorn to Mighty Oak” metaphor symbolises your academic, personal and professional development journey throughout your time at UCC. Your UCC Graduate Attributes and Values Compass supports you to consider your holistic development, through your formal curriculum and through the many ways that you can grow, develop and become at UCC.


UCC Proud Ally Student Network

The Proud Ally campaign aims to educate and empower everyone to harness core attributes and values to become effective and proud allies to the LGBTQ+ community. Explore our resources and join the Proud Ally Student network today.

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Graduate Attributes Programme

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