Why is UCC unique

Why is UCC unique?

UCC is a unique institution! 

The potential impact from students attending/participating in the suite of Transitions modules will be transformative as you will have made better choices about the study pathways. You will be equipped with enhanced values and graduate attributes to prepare yourself for your future. You will acquire character, professionalism and the capacity for critical and creative thought and will be equipped with the ability to transfer these skills in different environments. This will help you to fulfil your potential in a changing society and labour market. There will also be system benefits through widening participation, enhanced progression and retention, and graduates with enhanced employability skills.

Our graduate attributes programme will equip you and help you become:


Creators, evaluators and communicators of knowledge:

University College Cork fosters and empowers students to leverage research, data, and information to create and evaluate knowledge and contribute to advancing these concepts. Students are inspired to communicate their knowledge to benefit global and regional practice. Our graduates are equipped to seek new knowledge and continue learning throughout their lives. 

Independent and Creative Thinkers:

University College Cork encourages students to reflect critically on their own intellectual performance and analyse and evaluate their practical output. Independent and creative thinking involves recognising creative opportunities and being able to combine ideas, objects, processes, methods, and systems to create innovative products and outcomes.  Our graduates show initiative and respond to unknowns in an enterprising and innovative manner to achieve a positive outcome to future challenges. 

Digitally Fluent:

University College Cork provides opportunities for students to enhance and apply their digital skills for learning, living and working in a digital society. Our graduates will work in a world dependent on digital technology and communication, therefore, digital literacy will continue to develop and support our students in order to best equip them for employment in a digital society.

Effective, Global Citizens who Recognise and Challenge Inequality:

University College Cork provides opportunities for students to be ethical, acting with integrity in intellectual, professional, community and global pursuits. Our graduates will nurture personal integrity, values, beliefs and moral code. We enable students to critically consider the values and understandings that influence all decision making processes and to be able to recognise and challenge inequality in all areas of life.

Socially Responsible:

University College Cork promotes a focus on creating awareness of how individual disciplines and fields of study all play a role in shaping future outcomes: social, health, environmental, and economic. Our socially responsible graduates are able to look at broader issues, community contexts and potential impacts of their field of practice and understand how their actions can enhance the wellbeing of others to make a valuable and sustainable contribution to society.

Our graduates will have respect, ambition, compassion, resilience and integrity

Graduate Attributes Programme

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