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What do we talk about?

At GAP we are all about helping UCC students develop their core attributes and values. Why?

It is important that students of all years and degrees have the needed skills that employers and companies look for when leaving university.

This is what we discuss and talk about in this podcast. We identify students who have developed a certain attribute or value by getting involved in extracurrilclar activties all while studying at university. At GAP, we see a positive personal and professional development in students who partake in these activities and we want to highlight this to students so that they #BeginBelongBecome who they want to be in UCC. During this podcast series, #BeginBelongBecome is our running theme.

Wanting to keep the theme core to the podcast we asked them;

1. How they got involved in these extracurrilcur activies (Begin),

2. What they did and what role did they play (Belong),

3. and finally, what did they learn along the way and how did they develop in a personal and professional career way. (Become)

Graduate Attributes Programme

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