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Gender Identity and Expression in UCC

There is a process to facilitate changing student names, titles and gender on UCC records under the Gender Identity and Expression Policy that doesn’t require a deed poll. Staff/students wishing to do so should email genderidentity@ucc.ie.

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7 Ways to be a Better Ally

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Are you a Proud Ally?

The Proud Ally campaign aims to educate and empower everyone to harness core attributes and values to become effective and proud allies to the LGBTQ+ community.  

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This campaign was inspired by conversations at the Cork Work with Pride conference in July 2022. What started as a small idea to do a social media campaign has grown into a multielement, collaborative and impactful campaign. 

The Graduate Attributes Programme have been proud to work with many wonderful people and organisations to develop this campaign, including the UCC LGBT+ Staff Network, the UCC EDI Unit, Cork Work with Pride, UCC Sport, the Mardyke Arena, TENI (Trans Equality Network Ireland), and student representatives from the UCC Student’s Union Equality Working Group and the LGBTQ+ Society. 

I started volunteering in a charity shop and they have a Pride flag on the till and it makes me happy that it's always visible throughout the year, not just for Pride month.

Current UCC Student

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My uncle waited many years to come out. I was quite young when he did, and I don’t think I really understood what it meant. I feel incredibly sad that for so many years, he could not be his true self.

Adel Coleman, Graduate Attributes Programme Manager

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I came out as queer while a PhD student / assistant lecturer / tutor at UCC. The entire experience has been overwhelmingly positive and affirming.

UCC PhD student

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I grew up in a tiny rural village in Ireland in a time where the word Gay and Queer had very negative connotations.

Maggie O'Sullivan, Graduate Attributes Programme

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I turned 18 in March 2015, and I was honoured that the first time that I voted was in the Marriage Referendum just two months later.

Clodagh O'Sullivan, Graduate Attributes Programme

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Are you a Proud Ally? Show it and Share it

Display your Proud Ally sticker on your desk, door, phone, or laptop. Use a Proud Ally teams background for online calls and add the Proud Ally symbol to your signature and social media profile image. Has a Proud Ally made a difference in your life? We would love to hear about it. Are you a Proud Ally? Let us know what it means to you.

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