UCC Graduates Attributes & Values Compass - Launch Video

We want our UCC graduates to be recognised as well-rounded, curious, self-aware individuals who continually learn new skills, are open to new ideas, and make things happen. As a UCC student, you belong to a dynamic and diverse community where many, many people wish to support you on your learning journey. Here at UCC, we liken this journey to the growth of an acorn to an oak tree. The “Acorn to Mighty Oak” metaphor symbolises your academic, personal and professional development journey throughout your time at UCC. Your UCC Graduate Attributes and Values Compass supports you to consider your holistic development, through your formal curriculum and through the many ways that you can grow, develop and become at UCC.

Student Feedback

Your Compass helped me identify and further develop my values and attributes as I prepared for my
professional career as a graduate.

Edel Lonergan- UCC Digital Humanities and IT Graduate

I found it great, it was a brilliant learning experience and I really felt like it told me more about myself. Things I couldn't have found out on my own.

Marek Zbanski, BCommerce

The questions were a lot broader than I was expecting. I am the only person that got to see my results and the experience was very introspective, reflective and enlightening.

Hannah Damaris Keniry- UCC graduate & researcher in the Department of Asian Studies

A video message from Joan Osayande: Your Compass Launch

Your Compass was piloted with several undergraduate and postgraduate student cohorts who provided feedback that helped to refine the platform in its final stages of development. One of those students was Joan Osayande. Joan has been an incredible friend of the Graduate Attributes Programme and supported us on a range of events and initiatives this summer.

She began her journey in UCC as one of our first Sanctuary Scholars studying Medical and Health Sciences and is now a Postgraduate Research Student in the College of Medicine and Health. She is studying the influence of the gut microbiome on motor function and its link to Parkinson's disease. Joan recorded a podcast with us where she represented the value of ambition and discusses her incredibly interesting work. Joan wanted to join us during the launch of Your Compass, but was out on fieldwork but sent us this video message: 

The Graduate Attributes Programme is very generously supported by the HEA Tranformation and Innovation Fun 2018 the Tomar Trust, and we gratefully acknowledge this funding which is enabling the development of much needed sustainable and scalable projects such as Your UCC Graduate Attributes and Values Compass.

Graduate Attributes Programme

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