Staff: Working together to deliver our Graduate Attributes Programme

Showcase your Graduate Attribute stories


We are gathering together examples of Case Studies from colleagues (academic and professional services) who are working creatively with our Graduate Attributes and Values.

We have also launched our Student Experience Showcase on January 22nd 2020 - which highlights the excellent work that the Student Experience Office and member services undertook to align their work and their services to the graduate attributes.  You can view our News Article here.

Please find our case study template here at  Graduate Attributes Programme Case Studies of Best Practice in UCC and email it to the GAP team at if you wish to share your Case Study - we welcome all programmes across the four colleges.


Graduate Attributes aim to deliver Priority 4 of our new Academic Stategy 2018-2022.  

The Graduate Attributes Programme in UCC will:

  • Enhance UCC students’ experience and increase student retention. We are doing this through a series of initiatives to assist students with "Transitions In and Through" UCC.  There are still significant numbers of students who are not prepared for university and who withdraw from first year on the basis of having selected the wrong degree programme, or are not prepared for their university journey. This project will prepare students better for this journey and beyond. Modules will be developed to equip our graduates of the future with the essential skills and attributes to respond to the needs of our enterprise, public service and community sectors, both regionally and nationally. 
  • Align with our Connected Curriculum giving programme coordinators an ability to articulate with clarity how they fit into the overall learning outcomes of the programme. This also ensures ownership by the academic staff who are the discipline experts teaching in the programme.  This initiative will advance the development of students’ academic, specialist and technical competencies, equipping them with transferrable skills that can be applied in different environments. With a focus on developing core values and graduate attributes, these modules will integrate with the academic curriculum, taking a holistic educational approach to develop character, professionalism.  Our graduate attributes align with selection criteria for jobs in many fields and give students an opportunity to evidence their success in these attributes in a very concrete way.
  • Ensure UCC’s workforce development impact in the region and beyond, includes the ability to graduate high calibre ‘world-ready’ and ‘work-ready’ individuals. UCC has a significant business impact and contribution to the wider Irish and international economy.  We are working with colleagues in Career Services and Skills Centre to prepare modules for "Transitions Out"
  • The latest understanding around graduate attributes is that they are best taught within and across disciplines and that they need to be explicitly described, mirroring both future employer expectations, the qualities and skills needed to successfully pursue higher levels of education as well as overall productivity in the community and society.



Graduate Attributes Programme

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