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What we are working on

Current Projects

Transitions In projects:

  • A series of Transition In preparatory modules will introduce broad disciplines through a “taster” lectures, helping pre-entry students to select a degree programme according to their particular interests and aptitudes.
  • Broader transitional issues will be addressed through videos based on the Transition to University, Health Awareness, CAO Advice, and Careers. These Transitional lectures will aim to develop skills, awareness and personal attributes covering topics including self-care and taking responsibility (for learning and welfare), managing feelings, positive mental attitudes, goal-setting and building relationships.
  • Students will explore their personal learning style and be exposed to the concept of multiple intelligences. These sessions will be available online and will provide important interactive and practical elements to support a successful transition to university. Students from more rural areas are also provided with an opportunity for engagement that did not previously exist.


Transitions Through projects:

  • The development of Transition Through modules for students progressing beyond first year will include a deeper induction programme and provide an opportunity for students to explore how disciplinary understanding is shaping who they are becoming.
  • At registration, students will complete an annual self-assessment of a set of core values and attributes which will raise their self-awareness of developmental needs, and allow the University to develop initiatives to support their development. Students will obtain an e-portfolio of skills acquisitions for which they can receive a micro-credential (digital badge) on completion and form part of their Academic Transcript.
  • A deep induction programme will include advice on subject choices aligned with a student’s interest, academic ability and career aspirations. The provision of such modules will also assist students to further develop their critical thinking and decision-making capabilities. Dedicated guidance provided to students at this crucial stage will be instrumental in retaining and progressing students.
  • Peer-led information sessions on study abroad and/or work placement experience in collaboration with the Career Service and International Office will further support student preparedness and help students plan more effectively for these opportunities when they arise.


Transitions Out projects:

  • In their final year, students will avail of the Transition Out initiative in preparation for the transition into professional environments or further study, delivered in collaboration with the UCC Careers Service and industry partners.
  • Students’ increased self-awareness with regard to their scholarly, professional and personal development will ensure that UCC graduates fuel a strong talent pipeline in knowledge, skills and employability to meet sectoral needs. Approaches to fostering graduate attributes in third level education vary between institutions and range from the embedding of graduate attributes within discipline specific curricula, to the provision of centrally administered graduate attribute programmes.
  • Our new Academic Strategy has a central focus on preparing student for their future, outlined above. This project aims to fulfil that ambition, by engaging staff and students to integrate the teaching and assessment of graduate attributes within the student learning experience. It will develop a framework that can be replicated by other Higher Education Institutions, to create opportunities for all students to engage in the development of such attributes through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences. It further aims to provide opportunities for self-evaluation and to support reflection on graduate attributes and to provide all students with systematic support to better identify and develop to skills they need to better contribute to society and the labour force.

Graduate Attributes Programme

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