What is the Graduate Attributes Programme

Introduction and background to our programme

As a socially-minded, civically-engaged institution, our core values and graduate attributes are the bedrock of our student experience. Graduate attributes refer to the skills, knowledge and abilities of our graduates, beyond disciplinary content knowledge, that are applicable in a range of contexts in their lives. They advance the development of academic, specialist and technical skills. 

Based on extensive consultation with stakeholders, the following core graduate attributes will be prioritised for the lifecycle of this Academic Strategy:

  • Creators, evaluators and communicators of knowledge
  • Independent and creative thinkers
  • Digitally Fluent
  • Socially Responsible
  • Effective global citizens, who recognise and challenge inequality

The following core values will be prioritised for this Academic Strategy:

  • Respect
  • Ambition
  • Compassion
  • Resilience
  • Integrity

A successful application to support our Graduate Attributes Programme was made to the HEA Innovation and Transformation Programme 2018, and a successful financial commitment from the Tomar Trust in 2020 will widely develop this programme.

The funding provided through the HEA Fund and Tomar Trust is supporting the development of a pilot Graduate Attributes Programme, which is predominantly targeted at BA Arts students. Delivery of a suite of initiatives within the programme is focussing on the different stages of students’ Transition In, Through and Out of the university. The overarching objective of our programme is to enable a successful student journey, which will prepare students for their future through three main projects.

1. Transition In initiatives are guiding students into the right programme of study for them, whilst simultaneously widening access of under-represented cohorts and improving first year retention rates.

2. Transition Through initiatives are providing targeted supports, delivering skills training and developing graduate attributes that go beyond disciplinary content knowledge and can be applied in life-wide contexts.

3. Transition Out initiatives are preparing final year students to transition into professional environments, delivering on the ambitions of our Institutional Employability and Employment Guide.

This initiative is advancing the development of students’ academic, specialist and technical competencies, equipping them with transferrable skills that can be applied in different environments. With a focus on developing core values and graduate attributes, these initiatives are integrating with the academic curriculum, taking a holistic educational approach to develop character, professionalism and the capacity for critical and creative thought.

UCC graduates will be recognised as well-rounded, curious, self-aware, individuals who continually learn new skills, are open to new ideas, and make things happen.

Contact Adel Coleman, Graduate Attributes Programme Manager:

Telephone: 021 4903127

Email: adel.coleman@ucc.ie | graduateattributes@ucc.ie 

Instagram: @gradattributesucc

Twitter: @UCCGrAttributes

Graduate Attributes Programme

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