The following 5-credit modules will be available to post first-year undergraduate and all postgraduate students undertaking programmes of study at UCC, outside their 60-credit workload for the year. Students wishing to select this module should ensure that there is no conflict with the timetable for their main programme of study. There will be no fee for the module.

UW0002 Science in Society (5 credits)
UW0005 Sustainability (5 credits)
UW0006 Law and Technology (5 credits)
UW0011 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Social Justice, Equality, Diversity and Health (5 credits)
UW1006 New Venture Creation (5 credits)

Module descriptions are contained in the Book of Modules, 2018/2019.

Note: Attendance at, and examination in, the module will be recorded on the student transcript. The module will not contribute to the final degree award.

Registration for UW0002, UW0005, UW0006, UW0011 and UW1006 is likely to take place in early December and it will run from January to March. (Registered students will be notified via email about the exact registration date and timetable for these modules). Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.