Developing your Attributes

How do they apply to me?

When you begin your studies at UCC we don't expect you to have all of the Graduate Attributes as soon as you start!  You may have developed lots of attributes already but might not be able to recognise them or be able to relay them... but that is okay!

While you study at UCC we will help you to develop and learn and your attributes and values will continue to grow after you leave us. 

Developing your Graduate Attributes comes from all parts of your life.  From your studies, from extra-curricular activities such as a part-time job, or from extra-curricular experiences such as joining a UCC club or society or co-curricular activities such as helping with a research project or participating through the UCC Works Programme.

Almost every student engages with the offices of the Student Experience.  We have created a Graduate Attributes Spread to help you navigate your way around campus to visit these offices or interact with their services.  Each office contributes to helping you, our students, to develop, realise and demonstrate how you are gaining valuable core graduate attributes at UCC.  

UCC Graduate Attributes and Values will help you to:

  • recognise and reflect on the attributes, values and skills you already have and how these can be used, now and in the future
  • reflect on your experiences (within and outside your degree) in a different way and recognise the value and learning you are gaining from them
  • identify what skills and abilities you need and how these can be developed -  we are working on a fantastic initiative which will help with this
  • seek out opportunities to develop your unique set of attributes


Will Graduate Attributes help me get a job?

They will - but there is a lot more to the Graduate Attributes than just getting a job when you graduate. They help develop and shape your whole student experience - developing a strong set of graduate attributes and values will help you in being more successful in your career, in your studies and research, and in your contribution to community and society.


What are we working on for students right now?

The Graduate Attributes Programme Office will be working on the design and development of a new "Self Assessment Survey".   Annually, students will submit a self-assessment to determine the extent to which they have developed these values and attributes through their educational and life experiences. A digital application will generate a spikey profile, or computer-generated graph, that illustrates students’ starting point within each attribute and value. Students will be pointed in the direction of further ways to develop their core values and attributes, as relevant to their performance in the self-assessment.   Our aim is to bring this new development to you in 2020.


Graduate Attributes Programme

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