Reflecting on your experiences

Reflecting on your experiences

The four F's of active reviewing

The 4Fs of active reviewing will help you reflect on an experience and plan by moving through the following four stages:

  1. Facts
  2. Feelings
  3. Findings
  4. Future

This framework was created by Dr Roger Greenaway, an expert on training teachers and facilitators. This four level process enables you to critically examine the circumstance and review and reflect upon the experience allowing you to use what you have learned for the future.

This model is helpful in reviewing situations as it focuses on the main aspects relevant to actively reviewing a situation.

Below are a set of questions for each section, which may guide you when using this model


  • Facts

What? Who? Where? When?
What exactly happened?
What was surprising/expected?
In what order did the event happen?
State solid facts.

  • Feelings

How did the situation make you feel?
What made you feel good/bad about the situation?
Discussing how you felt can help you understand the situation better.

  • Findings

How? Why?
What would you have done differently?
What did you learn?
Do you wish you had done anything differently? This can help you evaluate the situation

  • Future

What can you plan for the future?
How can you use what you have learned in future situations?
How will you implement your findings?


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