Definition - what they are and are not

Defining Graduate Attributes - the essentials

What graduate attributes ARE:

  • descriptive of what it means to be a graduate of a higher education institution – this is both in terms of skills and abilities, but also in terms of attitudes and approaches – how you approach your learning and knowledge, your own development, and the world around you.  In UCC we are advancing the development of students’ academic, specialist and technical competencies, equipping you with transferrable skills that can be applied in different environments. With a focus on developing core values and graduate attributes, these initiatives will integrate with the academic curriculum, taking a holistic educational approach to develop character, professionalism and the capacity for critical and creative thought
  • they are developed through meaningful experiences both in UCC and beyond, and through processes of learning and self-reflection - we will be developing some inititiatives over the coming year which will help you with self-directed learning and self-reflection
  • they are unique to every student!  There are some common attributes and values that we want our students to develop, but students will have your own starting points and learning experiences while at UCC and even before coming to university which will shape you as individuals


What graduate attributes ARE NOT:

  • life skills required either for entry to university or to simply engage in study
  • unconnected to academic disciplines
  • a list of transferable skills that can be simply ‘taught'
  • intended to make all students the same.  In UCC you will be recognised as well-rounded, curious, self-aware, individuals who continually learn new skills, are open to new ideas, and make things happen.


Graduate Attributes Programme

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