Lord David Puttnam makes a passionate case for careers in the arts

Legendary film producer Lord David Puttnam speaks candidly in the latest episode of UCC's podcast, Plain Speaking

27 Jun 2019
Photo: Tomás Tyner

Renowned film producer, Lord David Puttnam, makes a passionate case for a career in the arts in the latest episode of UCC’s Plain Speaking podcast.

Speaking on the podcastLord Puttnam said: “Take the creative industries, including the digital world; there's been a quite extraordinary explosion to the extent that, now there are far more jobs, year on year, in the creative industries - what people might call the creative industries - than there are in finance. You tell that to the average parent, and they look at you as though you're crazy but, in fact, that is the case.

“The best possible example I can give you, is that if you take - this is a UK figure, I don't have the equivalent for Ireland - if you take jobs in the finance and insurance industries, basically they've flat-lined since the 2008 crash. There's no growth, really, at all. Same numbers of the employed people. Salaries have been down a bit, but the number of jobs has flat-lined.”

You can listen to the full episode of the podcast here, on Spotify:


UCC’s Plain Speaking podcast is also available on iTunes. Past episodes feature Professor Keith Humphreys, the former drug advisor to President Obama, on the US opioid crisis; and the former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, on climate change.

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