Where Have All the Engineers Gone?

13 Feb 2015

"It is well documented that we simply are not producing the numbers of engineers the market requires. This has been exacerbated by a bias in the early part of the century towards other industries. There is now a real shortage of qualified engineers with 5-10 years experience in manufacturing operations."

Areas such as process engineering and equipment engineering are prospering, particularly in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and device arenas. Hiring managers employing in these fields are struggling to find appropriately qualified and experienced individuals for their open positions.

If you were ever worried about job prospects as an engineer, then read this article Where Have all the Engineers Gone? by Caroline O'Reilly of HRM Recruitment. The enormous need for Engineers to work in the process, chemical, pharmaceutical, biopharamceutical and medical devices industries has been identified by Caroline and detailed in a powerful article that will reassure every engineering student in the country.

What a great article! Yes we need more and more and more Engineers. And what's more, it's an exciting, challenging and rewarding career, so what are you waiting for? Choose CK600PCE on the CAO and make the first step towards an amazing future.

Process and Chemical Engineering

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