2017 Eli Lilly PhD Research Scholarships: Process & Chemical Engineering Opportunities

16 Jun 2017

2017 Eli Lilly PhD Research Scholarships: Process & Chemical Engineering Opportunities

UCC Process & Chemical Engineering invites applications for the 2017 Eli Lilly PhD Research Scholarships. These scholarships have been established to promote research excellence in one of the following disciplines: Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Biotechnology related areas and Chemical Engineering. 

Potential applicants are invited to contact named supervisors via email for respective projects from the following llist of Process & Chemical Engineering Projects, sending a CV and outlining their motivation.

One potential applicant will be chosen for each project (this will be done by supervisors the end of June/early July) and they will be invited to make a formal application, found on the relevant College of Science Engineering & Food Science site, as well as to UCC via

NB: It is vital that BOTH applications are completed by the closing date (14th July 2017).

Once a potential applicant accepts an invitation to apply, they cannot apply for any other project associated with Process & Chemical Engineering. They should inform any other potential supervisors of the project they are applying for.

Thus each project will have one applicant only and each applicant may only apply for one project, having received the support of the named supervisor(s).

Please note that the Lilly Scholarships involve a competitive process across the College of Science Engineering & Food Science, and an invitation to make an application does not imply a successful outcome, or even a high probability of success.

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