Benefits & Principles of Mentoring


Mentoring can help staff in many different ways depending on their own goals. It helps us to deliver to our full potential by providing:

  • Support & encouragement, the learning & sharing of knowledge
  • Greater self / new-found confidence & self-awareness
  • Increase cross unit networking
  • Increase inclusivity across the university
  • Help with understanding how UCC works – formal & informal
  • Achieve a greater work-life balance 
  • New insights
  • Assimilate into their surroundings and new role (where relevant) 



  • Mentee led process
  • Goal oriented (concrete goals)
  • No line management relationship between mentee & mentor
  • Safe environment of openness, trust, confidentiality & mutual support
  • Both parties respectful of each other’s time, experience & difference
  • Partnership approach
  • No hidden agendas & non judgemental
  • Confidential process between mentee & mentor



The content of the discussion is completely confidential between mentee and mentor. Confidentiality would only be broken if one was particularly concerned for the wellbeing of the individual.

Staff Wellbeing & Development

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