Role & Responsibilities of Mentee & Mentor

MENTEE:  Role & Responsibilities

  • Actively engage with mentoring process & appointed mentor 
  • Drive the process - take responsibility for managing mentoring relationship including meeting commitments, arranging meetings etc.
  • Set clear objectives and goals & realistic expectations around delivering on development needs 
  • Communicate directly, honestly & openly, be curious, pose questions, share ideas
  • Be willing to listen & take on board constructive feedback & advice
  • Retain responsibility for own learning


MENTOR: Role & Responsibilities

  • Provide guidance & support in addressing identified development needs
  • Act as sounding board, provide encouragement & source of knowledge, stimulate insight
  • Create new perspectives & different ways of thinking
  • A figure with whom mentees can discuss their aspirations & concerns; who will listen; provide constructive feedback, challenge as appropriate
  • See positives in mentee they may be unaware of
  • Support & encourage mentee to take positive action
  • Help mentee to understand how things operate in UCC including the unspoken norms & values  
  • Introduce mentee to peers & colleagues as relevant to assist them become familiar with & integrate into the wider University


Key Mentoring Skills

A mentor will be someone who:

  • Listens
  • Is an opposite
  • Uses non-judgmental questioning
  • Offers different perspectives
  • Has specific knowledge
  • Fares; is warm; wants to help
  • Can relate to issues of the mentee
  • Sees patterns
  • Has experience
  • Is trustworthy / ensures confidentiality

Staff Wellbeing & Development

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