Some Practicalities

How is a mentee matched with a mentor?

a.       Newly appointed staff

At the end of an interview, the selection committee decide on an appropriate mentor depending on the staff’s needs & development goals, the experience of the mentee and mentor and personal styles.  The mentor will work with the staff member on the objectives set out on the contract.  NOTE: The onus to inform the nominated mentor rests with the Head of Unit. 


b.      All other staff

Many staff would like to have a mentor but do not know how to identify one or who they could ask. In the first instance, they are encouraged to attend a mentoring briefing to understand what mentoring is and is not. If they are interested in identifying a mentor, training and development will work with them to identify their mentoring goals (why do I want a mentor?) and then identify a suitable mentor and approach that person on their behalf.

NOTE: UCC does not hold a ‘Mentoring Panel’. Every staff member can be a mentor as it will depend on a mentee’s needs and matching these with the experience and knowledge of a staff member.


Also a staff member may have someone in mind whom they would like to be their mentor (internal or external to UCC).  They can ask them directly or they can contact who will act as the conduit between the mentee and potential mentor.


How long does the mentoring relationship last?

Having agreed SMART goals, best practice advises that it should last approximately one year, with approximately six meetings of 60-90 minutes.

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