Non-EEA immediate family members may join Critical Skills Employment Permit holders, and Hosting Agreement holders when relocating to Ireland. After 2 years residency they may apply for family reunification of other family members. 

General Employment Permit holders are eligible to apply for family reunification of immediate family members after 12 months residing in the State. After 5 years residency they may apply for family reunification of other family members. 

If you are from a visa required country you must apply for a 'Long Stay D Family Visa' for the family member at your local Irish Embassy


Dependent / Partner / Spouse Employment Permit 

A dependant of a Critical Skills Employment Permit Holder or researcher on a Hosting Agreement is permitted to work in Ireland while they are resident here. In order to take up employment in Ireland they must have a job offer and then apply for a Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit

For further information on immigration see 


Childcare costs depend on the type of childcare you choose, the number of hours and the level of staff training in that facility. The choice of options is wide-ranging, however there is also a wide demand for places so it is important to enrol your children in a day care facility of your choice as soon as possible.

A list of childcare providers available in Cork City is on the following link is a helpful website for sourcing private childminders. 

The Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Programme is a universal free preschool programme available to all eligible children for up to 2 years before starting primary school. 

The National Childcare Scheme (NCS) is a new scheme that provides financial support to help parents to meet the costs of childcare.

The National Childcare Scheme provides 2 types of childcare subsidy for children over 6 months of age:

  • universal subsidy for children under 3. Children over 3 who have not yet qualified for the ECCE are also eligible. It is not means tested.
  • An income-assessed subsidy for children up to 15. It is means tested.

Enrolling your Children in School

All children in Ireland are entitled to free primary and post-primary education. The majority of schools are state-funded which means that you will not have to pay annual fees for your child's education. If you choose to send your child to a private school, you will have to pay fees. These can vary considerably from school to school. Contact the school of your choice to ask for details of fees and other expenses. 

It is important to enrol your children in a school of your choice as soon as possible as there can be great demand for places in schools, particularly near Cork City.

To find out more about schools in Cork, please visit the Department of Education and Skills’ Find a School service. Once you’ve selected Cork as the location, you’ll be able to specify the school level (primary, post primary, or special education), the ethos (catholic, Church of Ireland, etc), and the language of instruction (Irish, English, or Irish and English together).

Child Benefit / Tax Credits

If you’re legally living and working in Ireland and have a child under 18 years of age in full-time education, you may be entitled to receive Child Benefit, a welfare payment of €140 per child per month. Applications should be made within 12 months of your child moving to Ireland or your child being born/joining the family.

There are a number of tax credits available for those with dependents, details of which can be found on 

Family Friendly Initiatives

As a major employer the University recognises the importance of supporting parents in balancing work and family life. With this in mind, UCC has developed this guidance handbook of relevant policies and information. HR are available to coach and advise you on the supports designed to provide a positive environment for staff availing of family leave. The handbook is supported by a number of policies which are available on the HR website. 

Parents at Work  (Downloadable booklet)

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