The Right To Disconnect Workshop

Participant Group: All UCC Staff

Facilitator: Susan O'Mahony


  • Explore the main elements of the Right to Disconnect Code of Practice
  • Understand your obligations under the Code
  • Provide tools to help disconnect from work


Date: Wednesday 21st February 2024

Time: 9.30am - 10.30am

Location: MS Teams

Open for booking Via ESS


The Right to Disconnect Online Training Course


Staff feedback

  • This will help me focus on scheduling breaks during the day and try and work my required hours only.
  • It's shown me that it's okay not to respond to queries out of hours and that the right to disconnect is my responsibility also.
  • It will make me mindful of my boundaries and my role in allowing others to think they can contact me at any time. Also it's made me conscious of my colleague's right to switch off.  I tend to work weekends during the busy periods and have sent emails at 1am and am grateful when colleagues respond to my 'crisis' on a Sunday. I plan to rein that in.
  • I thought the workshop was extremely effective - great presentation and meaningful discussion. I found it to be very worthwhile in identifying the code and right to disconnect.  As a line manager, I have a duty of care to those that report to me and knowing about the Code assists me in being an effective manager.
  • I found this workshop very interesting , it highlighted the importance of respecting someone else's right to disconnect which I hadn't thought of before. Also the tip of drafting an email and not sending it until the following morning was good. I hadn't thought about the receiver of an email being unable to disconnect due to me working outside norrmal hours.

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