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Right to Disconnect Online Training

The Government has introduced a new Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect from the workplace for employers and employees. It is hoped that the new Code will disrupt the norms of working outside normal working hours and encourage a focus on employee wellness and mental health by providing practical advice and best practice on the disconnecting from the workplace.

The Code applies to all employees in all types of employment. This includes whether you are working remotely or in a fixed location. The Code:

  • Sets out guidance and best practice for employers and employees with respect to compliance with employment legislation and the right to disconnect.
  • Underpins the commitment made in the Programme for Government to facilitate and support remote working.
  • Places an obligation on employers to provide training and communicate with staff to reinforce the appropriate behaviours around disconnecting from work outside normal working hours.


The Code confirms that the right to disconnect has three main elements:

1. The right of an employee to not routinely perform work outside normal working hours

2. The right to not be penalised for refusing to attend to work matters outside of normal working hours.

3. The duty to respect another person’s right to disconnect (e.g., by not routinely emailing or calling outside normal working hours.


A 45 minute online training course developed by Legal Island is available to all staff. The training outlines the responsibilities of the employer and employee and the appropriate behaviours including why it is important for staff to disconnect from the workplace. To access the training please follow the instructions set out here:

Go to 

  • Click Login in the top right
  • Choose "Other Institution Login" button

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