Leadership Development (Current Leaders Level 1 & 2)

CALL NOW OPEN 2023/2024

Under Goal 4: Our Staff, Our Culture of the Strategic Plan 2023-2028, 'we commit to growing professional development of all staff led by UCC leaders and people managers as role models towards embedding a strong culture of CPD'.  

To deliver on this, we are now in year seven of our IMI certified leadership development programmes, designed to further develop ''Current Leaders Level 1 (CL 1) & Current Leaders Level 2 (CL 2)'' (formerly known as Aspiring Leaders) in UCC.

The goal is to develop the competencies of potential leaders and leaders at an individual level which will in turn contribute to the strengthening of the overall leadership capability within UCC.  Both programmes are framed by a set of leadership competencies – personal, team and unit leadership, analysis and decision making, management and delivery of results, interpersonal and communication skills and self-development.

Each programme consists of 2 x 2 day modules followed by a concluding morning workshop.  Attendance at all 4.5 days is a pre-requisite for applying. Further on-going support will be provided through opportunities for action learning, online resources and institutional level support, including mentoring and coaching. 

Colleagues who wish to participate in one of these programes must apply by 5pm on Tuesday, 11 July 2023.

The programmes distinguish between staff a) new to, considering or interested in a leadership role (Current Leaders Level 2 - formerly known as Aspiring Leaders) and b) experienced staff typically at Head level or about to take on that role (Current Leaders Level 1).


Following approval by UMTO on 29th January 2019, as of February 2019 'all new employment contracts for academics at senior lecturer level & higher and professional & technical staff at grade 7 & higher (or equivalent) are required to participate in the most relevant IMI/UCC Senior Leadership Development Programme to them, to further develop their leadership development capabilities’.

Should you wish to discuss which programme may be most relevant, do not hesitate to contact Anne Gannon or Mary Horgan or your HR Business Manager. 

Updated: May 2023

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