Current Leaders Level 2 Leadership Development Programme

Current Leaders Level 2, Cohort 2: January - April 2024

The next call will take place summer 2024.

Now in its 7th year, the Current Leaders Level 2 (CL 2) programme (formerly known as Aspiring Leaderswas developed by the Irish Management Institute in conjunction with UCC.

This programme consists of 4.5 days in total - two modules (2 x 2 days), followed by a concluding morning workshop and will be delivered in UCC by IMI faculty. Participants are required to attend in person all sessions. 

In addition, peer support networks will be established. Each network will meet in between modules, working on a predetermined specific university wide project. These will be presented to senior management on the concluding morning. Each participant will engage in at least one coaching discussion with a member of the UCC internal panel or an external coach. Costs incurred if an external coach is used are to be covered locally.

Target Audience                  

Academic, research, professional & technical staff new to, considering or interested in a leadership role i.e. lecturer, senior lecturer, head of department, research, professional services roles across all academic disciplines and throughout university administration.

** NOTE: Colleagues who have not previously undertaken senior Leadership Development are encouraged to have undertaken Current Leaders Level 2 (formerly known as Aspiring Leaders) before Current Leaders Level 1.


Applications are considered against the following criteria:

  • the level of the applicant – preference being given to those in senior positions,
  • the quality of the application received in setting out the applicant’s current role,
  • the strategic importance in the context of the UCC Strategy 2023-2028,
  • the opportunity currently open to candidates to engage in development programmes and initiatives within UCC.

Application Process  


  • Via the Current Leaders Level 2 application form applicants outline why Current Leaders Level 2 is relevant at this stage in career (600 word limit).
  • Applicants to be supported by their Head of Unit / Line Manager.
  • Attendance on all dates is necessary to ensure participants maximise full potential of programme.

Following discussion & approval from your line manager, please submit the form by FRIDAY, 17 NOVEMBER 2023.


A contribution of €750 per participant will be requested, paid by College or local Unit (decision made locally & relevant cost code provided) & HR will cover remaining costs (excluding external coaching costs if incurred).

NOTE: In pursuit of  the UCC strategy 2023-2028 and the key role of all UCC leaders and managers in enabling and delivering our goals and objectives, 'all new appointees at senior lecturer level & higher and professional & technical staff at grade 7 & higher (or equivalent) are required to participate in the most relevant IMI/UCC Senior Leadership Development Programme to them'.





Level 2


Module 1

2 days

8 & 9 January 2024

Module 2

2 days

27 & 28 March 2024



.5 day (AM)

10 April 2024

Module Content & Learning Outcomes (with particular reference to the UCC Strategic Plan 2023-2028)

Module 1 (2 days) - Leadership in UCC; Team Leadership & Results

  • Leadership in UCC – understand the role of a leader within UCC and wider academic context; explore effective leadership skills
  • You as a leader – understand what makes a good leader
  • Psychological safety – explore the team & organisational benefits creating psychological safety
  • Personal Development Planning – identify strengths and gaps; explore agility & resilience aligned to ‘adopt & adapt', incorporate into a learning and development roadmap
  • Inclusive Leadership in a hybrid world - understand the characteristics of effective teams and team leadership in the new normal by creating a sense of followership
  • Leadership & Results – how to lead (people) through times of change influencing & motivating using a coaching approach

Module 2 (2 days) - Communications with Impact

  • Communications – understand and develop the skills of effective communications; different communication styles in the new normal; how to communicate effectively in a hybrid world
  • Planning & delivering intentional communication – how to achieve engagement and desired outcomes
  • Effective conversations - help participants to understand the power of effective conversations; handling difficult conversation constructively, having feedback conversations; using role plays and scenarios
  • Influence and Impact - how to persuade, influence and have an impact using soft communication skills
  • Decision Making – understand the importance of decision making and how values influence this; encourage participants to think about their own personal values and how they connect this with the values of UCC

Concluding morning workshop - Presentations & Next Steps

  • Demonstration of application of programme learnings via presentations to senior management on specific university wide project by each peer support network. 
  • Conclusion with facilitator & next steps.



** Feedback from our most recent programme - Module 1, September 2023 **

  • Focus is on working UCC, so find it very relevant. Well structured, good for networking and sharing of experiences from a wide range of areas across the institution.
  • Great time to reflect on the different styles of leadership and the impact of same and to see how they are applied across UCC.
  • High quality course & delivery.
  • Insightful & reflective consideration of leadership flexibility and fluidity in the context of UCC culture and strategy. Forged connections and understanding with leaders from different aspects of University life. An eye opener!

Contact: Anne Gannon, Staff Wellbeing & Development Manager / Mary Horgan, Staff Development Advisor / your HR Business Manager

Updated: January 2024

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