Current Leaders Level 1 Leadership Development Programme

Current Leaders Level 1 Programme

NEXT CALL - Semester 1, 2021

Now entering its fourth year, the Current Leaders Level 1 programme has been developed in conjunction with the Irish Management Institute and is delivered by IMI faculty. It consists of 2 x 4 half days delivery remotely.

Target Audience

NOTE: Staff are strongly encouraged to have undertaken Current Leaders Level 2 (formerly known as Aspiring Leaders) before Current Leaders Level 1.

Experienced academic, research, technical & professional staff typically at Head / Unit level or about to take on that role i.e. Heads of School & Central Units.

Nomination process & deadline

Staff must discuss with & be supported by their Head of Unit / Line Manager and fill in & return the xxxxx by xxxx to


A contribution of €500 per participant will be requested, paid by College or local Unit (decision made locally & relevant cost code provided).  HR will cover remaining costs.

NOTE: In pursuit of UCC strategy and the key role of all UCC leaders and managers in enabling and delivering our goals and objectives, 'all new appointees at senior lecturer level & higher and professional & technical staff at grade 7 & higher (or equivalent) are required to participate in the most relevant IMI/UCC Senior Leadership Development Programme to them'.



Module 1 - Leadership in UCC; Strategic Leadership, Stakeholders & Culture

  • Leadership in UCC – understand of the role of a leader within in academic context; effective leadership skills; understand what makes a good leader
  • Leadership at an Organisational and Strategic Level – create a shared understanding of strategic leadership in an academic context
  • External Game changers - understanding the stakeholder context and wider ecosystem
  • Organisational Culture - understanding the importance of culture and its impact on leadership
  • Strategic Role of Leadership – lead the implementation of strategy and change within UCC in the new normal, driving performance & results through change


Module 2 - Communications with Impact

  • Communications – refine and deepen communication skills to influence own teams and build relationships across UCC and other external stakeholders in the broader higher education sector
  • Conflict styles – understand different styles and their impact, using Killman conflict styles
  • Powerful Conversations - help them to understand the importance of effective conversations; handling difficult conversation constructively, having feedback conversations; using role plays and scenarios to practice
  • Making an impact - the power of the clarity of the communications; delivery of communications; asking questions
  • Decision-making – explore the opportunities around decision-making at a strategic level and build awareness of own approach; importance of effective and timely senior decision making and importance of subsequent communications


Contact: Anne Gannon, Staff Wellbeing & Development Manager / Mary Horgan, Staff Development Advisor / your HR Business Manager

Updated:  July '21

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