First Steps into Management

**Call for Applications opening soon**

We are pleased to announce the next call for the First Steps into Management Digital Badge. Due to anticipated demand for this popular programme and in line with our commitment in UCC2022 to invest in leadership development enabling staff to progress and enhance their abilities towards delivering responsibility, we will be running the next programme during Semester 1. The dates of the workshops are outlined here: First Steps into Management - Dates for Oct-Nov '22. All workshops will take place from 9.30-1pm, and will be delivered in person - location TBC.

Target Audience: SEA level / Grade 5 (or equivalent in the other staff categories) and who aspire to managing staff in future 

Application Process: Having discussed with your line manager, email traininganddevelopment@ucc.ieoutlining why this programme is relevant to you at this stage in your career (400 word limit) highlighting the relevance to a) your role b) your unit & c) UCC 2022 - Delivering a Connected University.

Deadline to apply: Applications to be emailed to by TBC 

First Steps into Management - Dates for Oct-Nov '22

Criteria to apply & earn Digital Badge:

  1. Must attend all workshops
  2. Must be willing to complete an MBTI questionnaire & follow up feedback session
  3. This programme is open to staff at SEA / Grade 5 level & equivalent & who are not currently participating in the Effective Employee programme.
  4. Give a short presentation at end to participants / peers on personal learning from the programme. This will include a SMART goal outlining the contribution they will bring to their unit within 6 months as a result of participation, to be shared subsequently with their manager.

Hear from past participants of the programme on this short video.

Workshop Outlines



An introduction to management & evolution of management style

  • What is management and how does it differ from leadership?
  • Identifying different management styles
  • Consider and explore your own leadership style and approach

Anne Gannon

Personality type & management (MBTI)

  • MBTI is a highly versatile developmental tool, helping one gain a deeper understanding of oneself, how one interacts with others & others with you & how you approach your work.
  • Using MBTI to reflect on one’s management approach


Mary Horgan

Engaging Others

  • Motivating
  • Influencing &
  • Developing others

Anne Hennessy

Identifying my approach and style as a manager

  • Using MBTI & the Johari Window, to understand your ‘manager mode’ & adapt where appropriate

Anne Hennessy


Managing Others

  • Consistent, effective & appropriate communications
  • active listening
  • giving effective feedback & receiving it

Michelle Nelson

Presentations to peers

Mary Horgan /  Susan O'Mahony

Participant Feedback - May 2021

It has improved my self-awareness, opened me up to blind spots in my own work. 

The way the course was structured into intermittent half-days kept each session fresh while preventing it from impacting too greatly on the day to day work.  I will be recommending it to my co-workers.

It has given me the confidence to believe in my abilities to lead a team while providing me wth the necessary tools to incorporate various techniques in progressing university business.

This programme gave me so much more than I anticipated it would. The structure offers great variety in terms of content & facilitators. Having to present at the end pushed me out my comfort zone & I felt great after it.

The whole programme was refreshing & engaging & I looked forward to every session. It really thought me to ... really listen to colleagues and to attempt to make our working environment a more pleasant & 'safe' place to come into every day.

If I felt I was drowning at times, this programme was the oxygen tank that has brought me up again.

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