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A key objective of the University is to deliver international excellence in all our areas of research. The University recognises the major contribution played by researchers in delivering research of the quality and impact which characterises a world-class research focused University. UCC is committed to attracting the very best researchers and helping them to develop their careers and make their career choices realistically and effectively, whatever their chosen career path. UCC believes that this policy reflects and incorporates the principles of The European Charter and Code for Researchers and supports our actions within our EC HRS4R action plan thus working to maintain UCC’s HR Excellence in Research Award.


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University College Cork is committed to the training and development of research staff and recognises that the opportunity to teach is not only beneficial for researchers in terms of career and skills development but is also a beneficial experience for students, giving a broad exposure to a diverse academic community.

Research staff are encouraged to engage in teaching where there is opportunity, however, it is important that this engagement is managed appropriately within the context of the underlying core research role and associated responsibilities and with reference to the terms and conditions of the research funding supporting that activity. Research staff who do avail of teaching opportunities that may arise will be supported and mentored in the delivery of teaching. 


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