HR Research Contract Administration/Hosting Agreements

Contract Administration/Hosting Agreements

Contract Administration:

1. HR will draft and issue the Contract of Employment and forward the relevant information to the Payroll office and a copy to the PI

2. The new employee will be issued with a staff ID card and staff number

3. HR will issue contract renewals for all research staff


Non Standard Contracts of Employment - Less than 6 Months - Please fill in this Form PF4 Short Term Research Appointment Form

Where the term of the research funded project is less than 6 months, the PI can with the authorisation of the Head of School/College/Centre/Unit and Research Accounts, offer a non standard contract under the following circumstances:

(i) where a specific skill set is required for less than 6 months

(ii) where a contact is issued for a replacement for a post doc who has resigned during the project

(iii) where a contract is issued to cover leave of less than 6 months.

There is no advertising requirement for contracts of less than 6 months duration.


Hosting Agreements:

UCC is an accredited research organisation and as such can form hosting agreements with third country nationals (and non-EEA nationals) for the purpose of conducting research in the University.


See information on Hosting Agreements here


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