Fee Concession Scheme


The University provides a Fee Concession Scheme for staff, the amount of which will vary depending on the full-time or part-time nature of the staff contract. The Scheme is limited to the fees payable in respect of two programmes of study, one at undergraduate level and one at postgraduate level.

The Fee Concession Scheme is also applicable to each child of eligible staff members (permanent full-time staff employed on or before 30 September 1992) attending either UCC or one of the other Irish Universities where reciprocal arrangements are in place, ie, TCD, UCD, UCG and NUIM. Concessions for each child are limited to the fees payable in respect of one undergraduate and one postgraduate programme only.


To be eligible for a fee concession, the staff member must remain in employment in UCC during the period of the course. (This condition does not apply to staff on pensions). Where a staff member who has been granted a fee concession under the Scheme leaves the employment of the University during the course of their study, he/she will be liable to repay fees based on the duration of the course remaining at date of departure from UCC. Please read the Staff Fee Concession Policy for further information on eligibility and the application process.


Fee Concession Form - Beneficiaries

Fee Concession Form - Internal Courses

Fee Concession Form - External Courses


* Note: Beneficiaries who have been approved a fee concession for one of the five universities, must advise the relevant Fee's Office of this on registering. The university (if not UCC) will then invoice UCC's Fee's Office directly.  UCC fees office does not advise the other universities that the student is entitled to a fee concession.

All staff on a fee concession (either for themselves or a beneficiary) must complete a form in advance of the beginning of each academic year & send to HR.


  1. Staff Fee Concession Process Flowchart
  2. Staff should familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of the Staff Fee Concession Scheme prior to submission of an application;
  3. Fee concession forms for external courses must be sanctioned by the Head of College in addition to the Head of School\Department\Office;
  4. Once the application is approved at the local level, the application form can then be sent to the Department of Human Resources for assessment of eligibility;
  5. If the staff member is eligible, the Department of Human Resources will then forward the form to the Finance Office (Fees Office) for processing;
  6. If not approved, the Department of Human Resources will return the form to the applicant;
  7. On completion of a pre approved course of study, concessions may be applied for directly to the Fees Office. Please provide original receipts and examination results to the Fees Office when applying for a course refund.



Staff Fee Concession FAQ's 



Visit the webpages of the Finance Office for information on the taxation of employee benefits.



For queries relating to the POLICY, contact:

Staff Welfare & Development, Department of Human Resources, ext. 3591

For queries relating to FINANCE, contact:

Finance Office, Fees Section, ext. 3747

Updated: August 2015
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