The Impactful Team Player Digital Badge Programme

Make the most of your behavioural strengths & maximise your opportunities to be your best self


Participant Group: Early Career Colleagues 

Facilitators: Staff Wellbeing & Development and various internal facilitators 

Location: North Wing Conference Room

Workshop Details & Dates

This digital badge will be awarded to candidates who attend all 5 workshops in the programme and as part of a small group, prepare a presentation at the end of the programme detailing their personal learning and the impact of this learning in the context of teamwork in UCC.  In addition, participants will be required to submit a short 400-word reflective statement detailing personal learning and the impact on their work on completion of the programm. Reflective statements should be returned via this MS Form (Reflective Statement)

Programme Overview

The Impactful Team Player programme consists of 5 workshops (2.5 hours each) facilitated by Staff Wellbeing & Development and other internal facilitators.

UCC prides itself on being a collaborative, diverse organisation that supports open communication and allows each member of the professional community to contribute according to their strengths. A key enabler of this approach is successful teamwork.

Effective team working involves a number of skills and behaviours. These include working cooperatively and flexibly, contributing ideas and effort, open communication, respecting others, becoming more aware of potential biases, encouraging inclusivity and diversity. This badge presents the opportunity to provide early career staff members within UCC with the opportunity to understand the ingredients of positive teamwork and to develop personal skills in enabling effective team working. It is designed to develop self-understanding and both personal and professional career development.

Click here to view the full details on each workshop along with dates, times & location: The Impactful Team Player Digital Badge Programme

To Apply:

  • Having discussed in the first instance with your line manager, please submit this MS Form(application form) outlining your reasons and objectives for applying for the The Impactful Team Player digital badge (400 word limit) by 5pm, Friday 7th October 2022.
  • Please provide your job title and grade and indicate if you are available for all of the dates outlined in the downloadable brochure above.

Staff feedback

  • The programme helped me better understand my role within my Team. I particularly liked the 1:1 session explaining by Belbin report, it was very insightful.
  • It helped me to properly look at where I am in my Team and how I can work in a more efficient way. I found it interesting and helpful.
  • It helped me to better understand what I bring to my team and learning my strengths and weaknesses at work gave me more confidence and assertiveness at work. It was also really nice to be in a learning environment again. The trainers were really informative and thorough and I really enjoyed meeting other colleagues at my level as there isn't a lot of opportunity for this in my day to day. 
  • I think it's a pretty strong, well-thought out programme. I enjoyed the interaction opportunities with my colleagues - time to really discuss roles and also the games where we had to make decisions were enjoyable.
  • This programme has given me the confidence to speak up, keep an open mind and not judge a decision that someone makes.

More Information > The Impactful Team Player Digital Badge Programme

Application Form 

Reflective Statement Submission Form

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