Staff SPEAK Digital Badge Programme


Successful Presentations- Effectively Articulating Knowledge (SPEAK) 


**Call for Applications Now Open**


Facilitator: UCC Skills Centre

Location: North Wing Conference Room

To Apply: Submit this form outlining why this programme is relevant to you in your current role (400 word limit). 

Deadline to apply: 5pm, Friday 8th March 2024


Dates & Times:

Wednesday 10th April 4-5pm

Wednesday 17th April  4-5pm

Wednesday 24th April  4-5pm

Wednesday 1st May 4-5pm

Wednesday 8th May 4-5pm

Wednesday 15th May 4-5pm

Wednesday 22nd May 4-5pm


You must attend all sessions in order to obtain the digital badge.  

The SPEAK Programme is delivered over 7 weeks (dates above) by the UCC Skills Centre and is specifically designed for staff who are anxious and lacking in confidence in giving presentations. Each session will deliver a specific element of presentation skills, allowing the participant to become aware of the broad spectrum of performance in everyday life.  Participants will develop specific techniques to enhance presentation skills and visual communication. These techniques include:

  • the development of an expanded range of physical and vocal expressivity,
  • expanded approaches to audience awareness and
  • increased awareness of non-verbal and non-physical communication.

Learning outcomes: Identify the core elements of an effective presentation; Effectively use the voice, body, and the performing space to best engage with an audience; Use a combination of improvisation, scripting, and storyboarding to effectively deliver a message to an audience; Design excellent visuals that effectively engage with the message delivery; Be more confident in the delivery of a presentation.

Workshops will cover:

  • Presentation skills overview and the barriers to effective communication
  • Authenticity in Performance
  • Stage Presence
  • Storytelling
  • Digital Skills Maker
  • Peer review presentations


Staff feedback

  • It has given me new skills to create impactful power point presentations for my role as a project manager. I enjoyed learning about different techniques depending on who your audience is in creating appropriate presentations.
  • This programme will make it easier to prepare presentations and deliver them with confidence. Online seminars on my research are now the norm. The programme has given me the confidence to participate more fully. The interactive nature of the workshop was very valuable. 
  • It has equipped me with tips and strategies which have changed how I approach both developing a presentation and the presentation itself. I felt relaxed and comfortable with my group/facilitator. Every week I could apply something I learned- the content was very relevant to me and my job role.
  • Attending the SPEAK programme has improved my interaction with colleagues during virtual meetings. I am more confident in speaking and I am aware of myself more so now than previously. I really enjoyed the interaction with Marnina and the group; she was very engaging, practical and gave great tips on public speaking and using MS PPT. 
  • I liked the way in which there was a practical element to it. It was not death by PowerPoint. Participants had to put into action what they learned. 
  • The delivery was interesting with practical advice on things to do when creating and delivering presentations and a small group so not overwhelming.
  • It has faciliated reflection on my presenting style and made me think much more about my strengths as well as things I can do to develop further. I really liked the interactive style. Great facilitator in Marnina.  My biggest takeaway is that whatever supports you use these are simply aids and 'you are the script'


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