Examination Appeals Officer

Examination Appeals Officer

Applications are invited for the above part-time post, tenable for a period of three years and renewable only once. The holder will be an experienced member of the academic staff (not excluding recently retired staff) who is familiar with the workings of examining systems in the University. The Officer reports to the President via the Chair of the Examination Appeals Committee (EAC).

Since the Examination Appeals procedures must be seen to be independent of the Registrar’s Office, the Officer shall not be a member of the Registrar’s Office; neither shall she/he be a member of the Examination Appeals Committee. The Examination Appeals Officer is ex officio a member of the Academic Council.

The primary role of the Examination Appeals Officer is to support the Examination Appeals Committee and to act as a channel of communication between students, individual departments and the EAC. The post requires experience of examining and of interacting with students and staff, as well as respect for the integrity of the examination system.

Duties: The duties of the Examination Appeals Officer include:

  • To interact as the initial contact person with students who wish to make an appeal, or, as the situation may demand, to separate an appeal from a recheck;
  • If necessary, to assist individual students in filling out the official “appeal” application form in line with the accepted grounds of appeal;
  • To interact with the Students Records and Examination Office in providing accurate information to the Examination Appeals Committee as to what happened at the Examination Board (e.g. to ascertain whether all the relevant information was available to examiners and to the Examination Board);
  • To interact on behalf of the Committee, with the relevant University schools/departments;
  • To be secretary of the Examination Appeals Committee (providing the relevant data, scheduling meetings, preparing the report of the Committee to the President);
  • To follow through in communicating to students and departments the decision reached;
  • To prepare and submit an annual report to the Academic Council;
  • To carry out such duties appropriate to the post as determined from time to time by the Committee.

Time commitment: It is envisaged that the holder of this office will devote the equivalent of 1.5 days per week to the duties of the post.

An honorarium of €8,800 per annum will be payable.  Some backfill support may be provided to the appointees home School/Department as appropriate. 

Candidates are requested to apply in writing to the Director of Human Resources, Department of Human Resources, UCC, by Friday 2nd May 2008 detailing their suitability for the responsibilities of the position.

UCC is an Equal Opportunities Employer

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