SFI Postdoctoral Fellow, Tyndall National Institute

SFI Postdoctoral Fellow, Tyndall National Institute



Job Title:

Postdoctoral Fellow SFI

Dept & Location:

PNG / Tyndall

Reports to:

Prof Clivia M Sotomayor Torres

Jobholders Name:


1. Purpose of Job


To carry out research under the umbrella of the SFI Investigator Award of Prof Sotomayor Torres, in the area of spectroscopic studies of 2D and 3D colloidal Photonic crystals. This includes optical, device and structural characterisation and physics of printed and sedimented optical nanostructures. It will involve some elements of crystals growth on patterned substrates.

The appointee will reports directly to Prof Sotomayor Torres.   

2. Principal Accountabilities   

To carry out research on photonic crystals using laser spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, AFM and waveguiding methods. 

The job-holder is expected to interact with other members of the PNG, participating in the activities of the group beyond his/her project and to push the frontiers of knowledge in the field, resulting in scientific publications in international journals.  

The job-holder will keep up to date with the relevant research in his/her field and strive to update and innovate in experimental methods. Since the project involves international collaboration, the job-holder will undertake also project-level responsibilities including participation at project meetings away from the usual place of work and the preparation of technical reports and of publications.   

The key point is to generate research towards meeting the goals of the SFI project.   

3. Vision/Context/Nature
This is a standard postdoctoral research position, on fixed-term contract, relevant to the research areas of the PNG group in the context of the SFI funded project on Photonic crystals. For details of the project see:


4. Contacts (Internal and External/Scope)

The job-holder will work in the PNG and collaborate with researchers in Tyndall in this and related areas (nanophotonics, advanced functional materials).

5. Knowledge and Experience/Personal Attributes    

Expertise in all or some of the items below will be an advantage:
Optical spectroscopy including the use of tunable laser.
Waveguide measurements.
Cryogenic techniques, scanning probe microscopy.
Light propagation in solids.
Semicondustor physics

6. Dimensions     

Finance/ Technical


Other statistics

The job-holder will specify on purchases related to his/her project, which will be checked by the Group Director

The job-holder will contribute to postgraduate supervision ofPhD students and project students working in this project










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