Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Depts Microbiology & Pathology (Contract)


Applications are sought for a Post-doctoral Research Assistant on the following project funded by the Science Foundation Ireland Research Frontiers Programme.

Exploring enterosomes of gut bacteria

This project comprises a combined genomic, proteomic, structural and biochemical analysis of intracellular carboxysome-like organelles (enterosomes) of a range of bacteria colonising and infecting the mammalian gut. Knowledge of these structures, their metabolic capacity and how they are regulated will allow us to devise new methods of promoting and inhibiting bacterial colonisation and survival. As the enterosome is a self-contained metabolic organelle of defined composition, it is an excellent entry point for systems biology studies.

Essential requirements for the post of Postdoctoral Research Assistant include a PhD in a relevant subject, and previous experience in molecular microbiology or biochemistry, preferably proteomics. Previous experience in electron microscopy would be advantageous.

Supervisor Michael

Salary:   €38,870

2 year post, one year in the first instance.

Closing date for applications: 31 January 2007
(post available from February 2007)

Further details from:  
Professor Michael Prentice,  Professor of Medical Microbiology

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