Presentations 2017

Presentations 2017 HR Researcher Conference

Presentations given at the HR Researcher Conference 25 May 2017


Today's Researcher - Mobility is Key!


Dr Rosarii Griffin

Chair of UCC Research Staff Association UCC RSA Rosarii Griffin

Identifying Opportunities and Challenges around ‘Mobility’ in the light of the Changing Higher Education Geo-Political Landscape: UCCRSA Perspectives


Dr Micheál Scanlon

There and back again: doing a postdoc abroad to secure your long-term future at home Dr Micheal Scanlon

University of Limerick


Dr Jennifer Brennan

Academia is the alternative career: a career journey from performing research to supporting researchers  Dr Jennifer Brennan

Technological Higher Education Association


Dr Colin Sage

Transdisciplinary Mobility: Transcending academic silos while transitioning through a research career. Dr Colin Sage

Department of Geography UCC


Professor Ted Dinan

Golden rules for planning a research career Professor Ted Dinan

APC Microbiome Institute and Medicine and Health UCC


Professor Anita Maguire

Leveraging mobility across sectors for success Professor Anita Maguire

Vice President for Research and Innovation UCC


Dr Mary C Murphy

Building an Academic Career: The Importance of Home and Away  Dr Mary Murphy

Department of Government UCC


2016 Research Staff Survey Report 2016 Research Staff Survey Report

Department of Human Resources - HR Research

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