Post Approval Process


To ensure posts are aligned to the long term academic, research and professional needs of the University, we (Finance and Human Resources) suggest:

  • UMTO to consider on a monthly basis all new posts for approval of professional staff positions at Admin V and Senior Technical Officer and above; and academic positions at Senior Lecturer and above*; new posts being defined as those not in the current budget or being suppressed/reconfigured to facilitate structural change. This would allow more detailed assessment of posts and ensure opportunities for research engagement and inter-disciplinarity are optimised.
  • All other new professional staff and academic appointments ** together with replacement posts for all grades, would be approved or otherwise by the Head of College / UMTO member.

For the posts approved locally, they would then be advised to UMTO for noting via the existing model for short term appointments.

In devolving such approvals, all budget holders must continue to ensure they operate within the totality of net financial expenditure budgets as approved for the current year. They must always ensure sufficient income is not once off to support any new long term appointments in future years. Furthermore, budget holders must review the requirement for the position including consideration of a possible reallocation of duties and the optimisation of ways of working.

Similarly, with the increasing likelihood of a new Employment Control Framework (ECF) FTE target being assigned to the University, budget holders must continually liaise with the dedicated HR Business Manager for the area to ensure all local approvals fall within any ECF ceiling that may be subsequently be allocated to an individual College/Central Office.

For new posts submitted to the next UMTO meeting to consider staffing (one per month), a revised template outlining strategic academic importance, funding, FTE, ECF, SSR, Research & Accreditation, structure etc. will be developed to accompany posts proposals to allow for full objective assessment of proposals.

The revised post approval process will come into effect on 1st January 2019 and will be reviewed after 12 months.


*Note where it is intended that a new post will be advertised at Lecturer Above the Bar only the position must be approved by UMTO first.

**Where a current lectureship position is to be replaced it will be advertised across the bar (allowing for appointment below and above the bar).


Revised Process: Step by Step Guide

 Post Generation & PF3 Tracking

The local hiring manager will, following the necessary discussions, initiate a PF3 Form for a new/replacement role. All PF3s must be signed by the relevant hiring manager, executive budget head, college financial analyst (for college posts) and the relevant HR manager.

Following receipt by the relevant HR manager, a unique tracking ID will be generated; this number will act as the unique ID for UMTO approval purposes, and thereafter for advertising schedule and appointment purposes and will be included on the contract of employment for the successful candidate. One central University schedule of all approved posts will be maintained by the HR Recruitment & Contracts Advisor (HRRCA) with the relevant HR Manager maintaining a College/Budget area log at local level. Unique IDs for 2019 will follow the table below for each area and will be sequentially generated within each area. So for example the first post in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences will be ACSSS 1/2019, the second ACSSS 2/2019, the third ACSSS 3/2019 and so on. Similarly, in the College of Business & Law the first post will be BL 1/2019, the second BL 2/2019 and so on.


Post Approval

Once a PF3 has been completed and signed off locally it will then be forwarded by the HR Manager to the HRRCA for confirmation of the application of local or UMTO approval. The table below outlines posts that can be approved locally and those that will require UMTO approval.

(a) Local Approval         

In the event that a post does not require UMTO approval, the HRRCA will include the post on a central University register of all approved posts and will also include the post for noting at the next UMTO meeting to consider staffing (one per month).

 (b) UMTO Approval

Posts requiring UMTO approval will be held centrally pending approval and will be submitted to UMTO at the next meeting to consider staffing. Such posts will continue to be considered by a Finance/HR group for the purposes of making a recommendation to UMTO. Exact dates will be confirmed in early 2019 but it is anticipated that posts will be considered as part of the last UMTO meeting in each calendar month.

The hiring area will be required to submit in conjunction with the relevant PF3 a detailed Staffing Justification Template for consideration by UMTO. Posts requiring UMTO approval must be received by the HRRCA at least two weeks prior to the next scheduled (staffing) UMTO in order to be considered at that UMTO.

The outcome of the UMTO meeting will be notified to all HR Managers by the HRRCA.



Approved Post Advertising

Where relevant, the HR Manager will notify the hiring manager of the outcome of the UMTO meeting.

The hiring manager, in consultation with the relevant HR Manager, will work to progress the post to the next stage of the process (be it subsequent to UMTO approval or following local approval).

In order to progress a post to advertising the relevant hiring manager/HR Manager will be required to submit the following to the HRRCA:

  • a confirmed selection committee, populated in accordance with the relevant appointment regulation. All members of the committee (including external assessors) should be contacted by the relevant hiring manager so as to confirm participation.
  • a completed candidate information pack and advert.

Approved posts with fully completed documentation and confirmed selection committees will be prioritised by HR Central Services for advertising and recruitment.

To assist hiring managers a map outlining the process from post consideration through to approval and advertising is outlined in the PF Process Map.

A review of the revised post approval process will take place in January 2020.

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