1 I am an academic. What happens if I reach retirement age (65) in the middle of an academic year? Do I have to see out the rest of that year and if so, what do I get paid?

Academic staff who reach retirement age (65) during the course of the academic calendar year may, if the department requires and subject to the approval of the relevant Head, continue to work until the end of the academic year in the year that they retire. The last day of each academic year is considered to be the 30th September. A pension will be paid immediately on retirement and any monthly earnings post retirement to the end of the academic year will be limited so that the combination of pension plus post retirement salary do not exceed the monthly pre-retirement salary.

2 I have been experiencing difficulty with my staff ID card since I retired. How can I get it fixed?

When a staff member retires from UCC, their on-line staff record is transferred to the pensioners' database on the UCC Core Information System and their staff card is made invalid.

As a result of this, retirees will need to collect a new card to avail of all of the university privileges available to them. Please contact Helena Burns [021-4903603] in the Department of Human Resources to make an appointment for a new card to be printed. (9.00am - 5.00pm Mon-Fri).

If a retired staff member requires a card for part-time work, the letter "F" is added to the staff number so that the system can identify these types of staff.

Please contact HR if you require a new card to be printed. Departmental access will then be assigned by the departmental administrator in your department.

3 Will I still have access to the library after I retire?

Retired staff continue to have the same borrowing privileges (including remote access to electronic journals) as staff employed by UCC. Sometimes the self issue machines in the library have difficulty reading the bar codes on the ID cards for retired staff. A replacement bar code can be provided by the library reception desk which can be attached to the card.

4 Can I keep my ucc e-mail account?

Retired staff can continue to use their ucc e-mail account and get assistance from the Computer Centre Helpdesk on extension 2120. Please note: e-mail accounts may be deleted from some distribution lists upon retirement. This will not affect access to e-mail accounts.

5 Are retired staff still entitled to apply for a fee concession under the Staff Fee Concession Scheme?

The university provides a fee concession scheme for staff which is available to retired staff if they have not exhausted this privilege while in employment in UCC. The UCC Adult Education Centre operates a separate fee concession scheme for short courses and retired staff can avail of a 25% discount through this scheme.

6 Can retired staff continue to avail of the group UCC corporate discount offered to staff by voluntary health insurance providers?

If retired staff have been a member of the UCC corporate discount scheme with a voluntary health insurance provider whilst in employment with UCC, they can continue to avail of the corporate discount upon retirement. The deduction is made from pension provided the pension is large enough to cover the premium deductions. The opportunity to move providers or change policies is facilitated in May of each year.

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