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“Mentoring is a reciprocal and collaborative learning and development relationship between a more experienced academic mentor and a mentee or group who is less experienced. It creates a space of guidance, direction, feedback, dialogue, reflection, inquiry and action. The mentoring relationship supports mentees to plan and realise learning goals and enhance critically reflective academic practice” (Boles & Diehm, 20131 pg. 7).

In response to an emerging need, and in the spirit of supporting a collaborative environment, an Academic Mentoring Panel has been established for UCC academic colleagues. The Interim Registrar, Prof. Stephen Byrne, launched a call for Expression of Interest to all academic colleagues at Professorial level, resulting in a panel of twenty Professors from across the university. Mentor Membership of the Academic Mentoring Panel is voluntary in nature and is recognized as a collegial giving back to the wider community of academic colleagues who may be at different stages in their academic career. The value gained by the mentor from the mentoring relationship is also recognised.

The approach underpinning the Academic Mentoring Panel at UCC is cognisant of the diverse mentoring relationship requirements of academic colleagues across the institution. It is noted that the Academic Mentoring Panel operates in a neutral capacity to any university promotional or appointment process and recognises the University’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

Academic Mentoring Panel Mentee Guide

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