Past Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions


2024 Exhibitions

7th April ‘Tending Joy’ - An Exhibition of Prints by UCC's First Year Occupational Therapy Students  



2023 Exhibitions
12th Oct

Picturing War

11th May

Dr John Sweeney Memorial Photographic Exhibition

28th June 

Art4Knowlege Exhibition 


2021/2022 Exhibitions
Gallery closed due to adherence to COVID restrictions


  2020 Exhibitions
6th Feb This Place


  2019 Exhibitions
17th Sep                                 Wonder
27th Nov School of Nursing and Midwifery Celebrates 25 Years at UCC


                                   2018 Exhibitions
7th Mar Keeping It Simple
25th Sep Occupation: Everybody, Everywhere, Everyday


  2017 Exhibitions
1st Nov        Medical Graduates Exhibition
21st Sep Orderly Rhythm
24th May Perceptions
9th Feb Edge


  2016 Exhibitions
10th Nov     Elements
22nd Sep 'Ever Becoming'
12th May Medical Sibling Perspectives
13th Feb Mono


  2015 Exhibitions
4 Nov         Inkspirations
17 Sept Infusing Life with Meaning
21 May  Tales from the Andes
25 Mar LifeClass
6 Feb Belonging


  2014 Exhibitions
11 Dec                What Lies Beneath
21 Oct The Legacy of Andreas Vesalius
12 Sept Iris of the East
18 Jun Irish Women Artists of the 20th Century
13 May The Art of Making
02 Apr Celebrate your Autism
20 Feb It's a Beautiful World

  2013 Exhibitions
 28 Nov               Acquainted with the Night
 13 Nov I Hear Asylums
 4 Nov Modern but Classic
 5 Sept Occupation: Awakening to the Everyday
26 Jun Defining Lines
28 Feb Early Light and the Photographer's Eye


  2012 Exhibitions 
29 Nov           Passing the Torch
26 Sept  Looking inward, looking outward
26 Jun Electric Reflections


   2011 Exhibitions
 30 Nov             Wishbone, Backbone, Funnybone
 11 Nov MAC Medicine as Culture
 6 Oct 'Give Me the Flowing Line' Fr. O'Flynn
 16 Sept Woodroffe
 9 June Learn to See, See to Learn
 24 Mar Ordinary Extraordinary


  2010 Exhibitions
17 Sept                 Patients & Peace
2 July Intersection
15 Apr Knowing Ourselves as Occupational Beings
21 Jan Fire & Ice


  2009 Exhibitions
4 Oct                      A Celebration of Positive Ageing
9 Aug The Seen and the Unseen
4 Jun Landscapes & Mindscapes
26 Mar My Space - Space, Place & Evolving Identity


   2008 Exhibitions
8 Oct                  Le Violon d'Ingres
28 May ISHA Irish Student Health Assoc
29 Jan KCAT Kilkenny Collective for Art Talent


The Jennings Gallery

Áiléar Jennings

College of Medicine and Health, Brookfield Health and Science Complex, College Rd, UCC