12 Sept 2014 - Iris of the East

  • Luke Feighery - Iris of the East, 12th September 2014

    05 Sep 2014
    Luke Feighery - Iris of the East, 12th September 2014

    Iris of the East is medical student Luke Feighery’s first exhibition of his photography. Luke studied Physiology in Trinity College Dublin and is now a Third-Year Graduate Entry student in Medicine.

    The exhibition features a selection of portraits taken over the past three years in Asia; Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and most recently, India.

    Luke is intrigued by light: how it falls, how it reflects and how it affects each exposure. Taken with a 100mm macro lens, Luke’s more recent portraits appear to capture every hair in a moustache, every crease in a furrowed brow and, in the sharpest of images, the silhouetted reflection of the photographer in the iris of the eye.

    There is a personal story behind each of these photographs - the vigour and pain of Delhi's homeless people, the tranquility of a young Buddhist monk or, as William Osler describes:

    The poetry of the commonplace, of the plain, toil worn woman, with their loves and their joys, their sorrows and their griefs.”



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  • Luke Feighery - Iris of the East, 12th September - 16 October 2014

    04 Sep 2014
    Luke Feighery - Iris of the East, 12th September - 16 October 2014

    Luke Feighery

    Hails from the Pale; brown bread maker; part-time dictator; world-renowned referee; weather enthusiast; medical student; fair weather photographer; more fun than celery.

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Iris of the East portraits


Portrait Titles and Images

Please find attached the titles of prints for sale: List of Portraits

The photographs on display are available for sale at the prices below. The exhibition, or part there of is also available for lease.
If your hospital, institution or business has an empty corridor that would be brightened up by these wonderful faces please get in touch with the Jennings Gallery for more information

Large (30’’ x 20’’) mounted & framed - €150
Large unframed print - €80  

Small (15’’ x 10’’) mounted & framed - €80
Small unframed print - €20

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