Individuals and corporate entities, based in Ireland, can donate to University College Cork through the Cork University Foundation (CUF), and obtain tax relief on donations.   If you would like to make a donation from outside of Ireland, please contact the Development Office at UCC, Tel 353 21 4902205.


Donations greater than €250 are tax deductible.  If you are a PAYE worker your donation of €250 is actually worth €432.72 to the Jennings Gallery. 

As a donor to the Jennings Gallery at University College Cork, you will become a member of the UCC Donor Stewardship programme.

To make a donation, please print off the form at the link below.  Receipts will be issued by CUF.

Every donation large and small makes a real difference to us and helps continue the mission of the Jennings Gallery.  Thank you for your support and for sharing our interest in the relationship between the medical sciences and the arts. 

Cork University Foundation is a registered charity and an “approved body” authorised by the Irish Revenue Commissioners for the purposes of tax relief under Section 848A and Schedule 26A of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 (as inserted by Section 45 of the Finance Act, 2001).
Donation Form

Please print out donation form here

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