Gallery Mission & Policy

Our Mission

The Jennings Gallery promotes and supports visual literacy and creative growth among the staff, students and graduates of the College of Medicine and Health.

It introduces the visual arts as aids to understanding health and illness, in the belief that it will have a transforming value in the clinical setting.

It demonstrates that the visual arts are not solely the domain of the professional artist but that valuable and expressive creativity, given appropriate support and guidance, can emerge from human experience shaped by different personal, social and cultural circumstances.


  • To facilitate creativity amongst students and staff by the provision of a dedicated exhibition forum
  • To provide support for established arts practices within the College of Medicine and Health, UCC and to increase their visibility by bringing them into the framework of the Jennings Gallery
  • To integrate Arts Education into Healthcare Education in order to develop skills of observation, critical thinking, evidence-based reasoning and communication
  • To promote STEAM teaching across campus and to encourage the development of elective modules in visual arts within the schools of the College of Medicine and Health.

Our Policy

Policy On Selection Criteria:

Art will be accepted from students, staff and alumni of the College of Medicine and Health and professionals working in the health services. The Gallery does not discriminate with regard to the subject matter. 

Art will be accepted from other artists and art groups where it is of interest in providing education and insights into human health and wholeness. The Gallery reserves the right to make the final decision on exhibition material. 

Exhibitions are undertaken annually with an aspiration to parity of representation with regard to the above groups. The Committee will seek to invite significant people within their own field to open these exhibitions.

The Jennings Gallery

Áiléar Jennings

College of Medicine and Health, Brookfield Health and Science Complex, College Rd, UCC