8 Oct 2008 - Le Violon d'Ingrès

Exhibition Opens

Le Violon d'Ingres

Dr Michael Murphy, President, UCC, is pleased to announce the Opening of the Exhibition, Wednesday, 8 October 2008 at 6pm in the Jennings Gallery - to learn about the artists and their works click on their names in the below menu.

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Dr Carl Vaughan          Dr Michael Whelton            Dr Derek O'Connell 

Opening Night

Pictured above with Mrs Sioban Murphy are the featured artists, (l-r) Dr Derek O'Connell, Dr Carl Vaughan and Dr Michael Whelton at the opening of the Exhibition

Dr Carl Vaughan, Fiona Kearney and Dr Michael Murphy in front of one of Dr Vaughan's paintings

Reception 9th October

A subsequent Reception on 9 Oct at 4pm coincided with the Medical Alumni Association Conference.

Press Release

UCC’s Jennings Gallery to Host Unique Exhibition

Three well known Cork doctors who like to indulge a passion for painting in their spare time, will exhibit their work at the Jennings Gallery, University College Cork, on October 8th next at 6pm.

The exhibition, titled Le Violon d’Ingres, brings together Doctors Carl Vaughan, Michael Whelton and Derek O’Connell, whose work will hang in the gallery until November 19th.

The aim of the Jennings Gallery is to promote and support a wider appreciation of and involvement in the visual arts in UCC, and to show that non-professional artists whose primary career path is not in art, have a valuable contribution to make in their second field of choice. The title of the exhibition reflects the French expression, le violon d’Ingres, after the French painter, Jean Auguste Dominque Ingres (1780-1867) whose other great love was playing the violin.

The Gallery, located at the Brookfield Health Sciences Complex at the western end of the UCC campus, is also committed to mounting a range of exhibitions by invited individuals or groups whose paintings have a bearing on the work and mission of the University’s College of Medicine and Health. A steering committee, including Fiona Kearney, Director of the Glucksman Gallery, has been established to provide a programme of exhibitions on an annual basis.

Art will be accepted by the Jennings Gallery from students, staff and alumni of the College of Medicine and Health as well as professionals working in the health services. Work will also be accepted from other artists or art groups whose paintings provide “education and insight into human health and wholeness.” 

“The gallery,” says founding member, Michael Hanna, Manager of UCC’s College of Medicine & Health “is a non-profit concern, but we anticipate that it will be self sustaining. The paintings will be for sale, and the hope is that the standard of work on display will prove extremely popular. Our idea is that available space in the University could and should be used for dual purpose and perhaps other areas will be inspired by what we are doing.”

The exhibition runs in conjunction with the Medical Alumni Association Conference and continues until November 19th 2008.  Visit: http://www.ucc.ie/en/jennings-gallery 

For further information please contact:  Marie McSweeney, Press Officer, University College Cork (T) 021 4902371; (086) 0845182

October 1st 2008 

Credit: Thanks to Dr Angela Ryan, agrégée de l'Université, Department of French UCC for Exhibition title.  http://www.ucc.ie/french/usrs/ryan/

Attending the Opening

Dr Derek O'Connell and Cliodna Foley-Nolan, with their children, Garrett and Aoife

Mrs Bernie and Dr Michael Whelton beside Dr Whelton's painting, entitled, 'Lament for Iraq'

Mr Ted Crosbie and Ms Aileen Kidney enjoy their evening at the opening

Press articles - Le Violon d'Ingres

Le Violon D'Ingres

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The Jennings Gallery

Áiléar Jennings

College of Medicine and Health, Brookfield Health and Science Complex, College Rd, UCC