26 Mar 2009 - My Space-Space Place & Evolving Identity

MySpace - Space, Place and Evolving Identity

Student's textile work

The first year of the Occupational Therapy [OT] undergraduate course at UCC focuses on occupation and health.

"Fabulous, congratulations - It would make your heart sing!"  Margaret O'Rourke

1st Year Students

Students are encouraged to learn more about themselves as occupational beings and extend this understanding to their family, friends and the people with whom they will work in the future. First year is all about ‘what people do’ and the world in which they do it.

Each year, the first year Occupational Therapy students also have the experience of ‘doing’ creative activities. There is a long history of the use of art, craft and creative activities in Occupational Therapy, going back to the foundation of the profession with an understanding of the power of occupation and the harnessing of people’s creative energy. It is argued that occupational therapists need to understand the centrality of creativity to health and well-being, just as they understand the centrality of occupation in daily life.

Each year there is a designated theme for the students to explore in their creative activities. The chosen theme reflects the philosophy and content of the year one curriculum. The theme for this year’s creative activity sessions and resulting exhibition is ‘MySpace – Space, Place and Evolving Identity’. In the words of Rowles (2008, p80-81), who considers the meaning of place in Occupational Therapy, ‘we are now moving toward directly acknowledging the degree to which the relationship involves blending person and place in human experience. Indeed it is now widely accepted that the self evolves through activity that is in and of rather than being separate from the environment and that lives are intimately and inextricably defined by and immersed in place.’ (Rowles, 2008, p. 80-81)

If you have any queries, please contact Eithne Hunt, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, UCC e.hunt@ucc.ie / 021-4901531.

Student's print

"...a theme close to my heart, a "blow in" from Holland.  Place and space so vital in forming identity and connections.  Lovely exhibition, colourful and light.  Well done..."  Helen Joustra

"It was a great pleasure to see these pieces of work so lively and imaginative!" Jim Harrison

Current Exhibition

MySpace - Space, Place and Evolving Identity

Jennings Gallery, Brookfield, 1st Floor Friday 27th March - Friday 24th April 2009 - All are welcome

UCC first year occupational therapy students

The Jennings Gallery

Áiléar Jennings

College of Medicine and Health, Brookfield Health and Science Complex, College Rd, UCC