Aug 2009 - The Seen and the Unseen

The Seen and the Unseen

Aisling Campbell, Lecturer Psychiatry UCC

Featuring pastel images and writings reflecting the value of personal image-making. Artworks by Aisling Campbell and Angela Carrazza  are on display through September at the Jennings Gallery


'In this exhibition, althought both of us work in the mental health services, and both use soft pastels, the art work that has resulted is very different.  We hope that our art suggests the tension between these two worlds, the inner and the outer, neither which can be fully apprehended.'

'When we observe something visual, we select only certain aspects of it - even the most abstract, expressionistic art tries to put across a point-of-view, or to provide a perspective for the viewer.  In medicine it is important to look and to see and to document what one sees - without any preconceived theories about what "should" be there.'

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Angela Carrazza, Art Therapist

'Each of the images exhibited started with a simple squiggle or doodle.  I bring out what seems to be closest to my heart.  At times, this can be difficult and uncomfortable, as it is not alwasy something that I would have chosen to look at and work on.  I try to stay true to my  heart and not be too concerned about the aesthetic side of the image...'

'My art-making has also influenced how I feel at work in general (professional self-image, communication with colleagues, etc.)  My recent pictures and their positive effect on me have enabled me to feel more relaxed, whole and genuine.   Before, I often felt in the role of the art therapist, which at times felt quite separate from the roles I played in my private life.  Now, these 'roles' have merged like the pastels on the paper...'

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Pastel on paper

'Out of the Egg...into the Water'


The Jennings Gallery

Áiléar Jennings

College of Medicine and Health, Brookfield Health and Science Complex, College Rd, UCC