Academic Promotions & Establishment

 P1 (SL) Application Form


Probation Form - Prob 1


Probation Report

Establishment Form - Year 1 & 2       


Establishment Report, Year 1            


Establishment Report, Year 2             

Application Forms

Application Form for Administrative, Technical and Services Posts (New) 

Application Form for Academic Posts (New)

Application for Research Posts









Leave Forms

Adoptive Leave Application Form

Current Annual Leave Request Form


‌‌‎‌Application for Sabbatical Leave‌‎‌

Carer's Leave Notification Form - CL1

Confirmation Of Carer's Leave Form - CL2

Application For Compassionate Leave

Exam Leave Application Form‌‎‌

Force Majeure Leave Application Form‌‎‌

Application For Incentivised Shorter Working Year Scheme‌‎‌

Maternity Leave Application Form - ML1‌‎‌

Parental Leave Application Form ‌‎‌

Public Holiday Pay Claim Form‌‎‌‌‎‌

Return to Work Notification

Sick Leave Notification Form?

Special Leave Application Form‌‎‌

Study Leave Application Form‌‎

Unpaid Special Leave/Reduced Working Week - Application Form

Staffing & Contract Administration


Objective Grounds for the Issuing of Fixed Term Contracts

Hourly Occasional Staff

Paypath / Staff Records Form

Occasional Staff Contract (Ref. OSC)

Examiner Payment Claim Form

Hourly Paid Salary Time sheet Hourly Paid Salary Time sheet (1,140kB)Hourly Paid Salary Time sheet (1,140kB)

How to hire an hourly occasional member of staff – Road Map

Once-Off Payment Form (Ref.OPAF)

Payroll Authorization Form (PAF)

Public Holiday Entitlement Explanatory Sheet



Marie Curie Researchers - Salary Template

Research Recommendation for Appointment

Research Cost Center and Project Code Amendment Form

Post Proposal Form (PF4)


Employee Records Access Form

Grading Form

Human Resources

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