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First Year Students sharing of work

26 Nov 2017

Corvus: Keep Crow and CarrionWeds 29rd at 6pm 
Thurs 30th at 6pm 

Drama Lab, Connolly Complex, Western Road, Cork City
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"Corvus: Keep Crow and Carrion" is the result of some weeks worth of exploring, amongst other texts, Max Porter's short novel, "Grief is the Thing with Feathers", putting into practice elements learnt in the DR1007 Introduction: Theatre and Performative Practice module. Adopting the ethos of actor-creators, this production was devised entirely by the first year Theatre students, with only provocations, suggestions, and minor interventions on the part of lecturers, Professor Jools Gilson and Scotty Walsh. Students were encouraged to mine the text for “sparks” and to bring those sparks to life. In some instances, the process was direct and simple. In other instances, it took many hours to find exciting solutions. Students have played with images from the text, explored movement and voice in relation to crows and bodies, explored storytelling and the creation of imaginary spaces, and looked at how to create choruses and work as an ensemble. They have also considered relationships between actor, character, and narrator as well as between actor and audience. So it’s not Max Porter's "Grief is the Thing with Feathers," exactly. Nor is it Ted Hughs' "Crow." Nor is it Emily Dickenson's "Hope is the Thing with Feathers." But they all bear a certain family resemblance. They are all made of the same stuff. Hope, grief, love, and Crow.

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Fionn Woodhouse

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